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                                                 JAI SITA RAM 

Situated on the banks of the holy river Mahi and about 6 kms from a town of Vasad on Baroda-Ahmedabad highway at a small hamlet called Verakhadi near Sarsa in Anand district of central Gujrat is a very ancient holy place is a very holy and auspicious place of pilgrimage- a Maha tirth called Ayodhyanath Tirth Dhama created on most ancient Narad Tirth* a.k.a. Mahisagar Sangam Tirtha a.k.a. Gupt Tirtha.



This tirth was under a curse from the lord Indra as narrated by none other than the creator of the cosmos- Brahama himself. The curse as with all curses has a time span limit is coming to an end. It appears this place shall regain all its glory as in times immemorial!! It is rapidly assuming all the dimensions due to a “Maha Tirth” sooner than anticipated.


The old religious text Skanda Purana  advocated that bathing on a no-moonday (AMAVASYA) falling on a Saturday i.e A Saturday no moon/ Shaniwari Amavasya earns the bather merits equivalent to a domicile in holy city of Benares a.k.a. Varanasi a.k.a. Kashi of 10,000 years to a domicile in Mathura of 5000 years and circumambulating- “Pradikshina” of the great Pushkaraj-King of all holy places seven times (each circumambulation takes two and half years on an average on feet) with all rituals!!


Here, the great river Mahi embraces the ocean and only 2 rivers are linked to an ocean- “Sagar”- Ganga Sagar and Mahi Sagar! There are documents proofs as per “Brahma Vaivartak Puran” that ocean moved 12 gaus(GAV a measurement) in appeasing and angered Sati Mahi and 12 gaus fro Gulf of Cambay if admeasured ends at this Sangam Tirth near small hamlet of Vera Khadi in Anand District; where holy communion took place in the witness of Lord Shiva “Mahadev”. Giving it the second adage. Sangam Tirth.! A similar parallel is drawn in case of Holy river ganga embracing the ocean- Ganga Sagar Tirth near kapil Munis Tapobhumi near Kolkata, India


In a similar mythology, as per Narad Panchratri Purana the name.

attributed to this holy place is narad tirth and it narrates that this is the place where sage Narada did holy propitiations- tapascharya for 10,000 years with 10,000 sages from revered Kailash Mansarovar in Himalyas.


Blessed by such divine occurrences, incidentally the temple of the preciding deity of the place- Lord Ayodhyanath- a form of Maha Vishnu is located very much here.


Fittingly, at this very place about 6 kms from Vasad on Baroda Highway at Hanumant Kunj Ashram at Verakhadi, Pin code 388365 Distt. Anand.

Many gods and goddesses have descended here with supreme Lord Ayodhyanath Ji, the chief amongst them are Holy mother/s of the universe (trinity), Navdurgas, HanumanJi, Lord Shiva (in most unique Sahastra ling having 1000 lingas conglomerated in one linga), all nine planets (Navagrah) and Dash Avatars- 10 incarnations of Vishnu etc, and all of them are housed in almost 30 temples all around the main temple. The epic Mahabharata tells us that Barbarik- the grand son of the great Pandav Bhima and son of Ghatotkacha also lives here ever in the protection of Navdurgas – the nine manifestations of holy mother of the universe- Jagadamba. The present mahanta of the place H.H.1008 Sri Swami. Gangeshwara Nanda Dasji is a realized soul and practicing austerities on river banks of Mahi has felt- rather divined the presence of all these deities! Meeting him in person- his Darshan and satsang with him will be a unique opportunity of a life time for all the seekers- from far and near. He daily meets every one without any distinctions of caste, creed, origin- whether rich or poor and thousands have benefited from his grace feeling blessed all at once feeling firmly ensconced in their faith- Bhakti- devotion and cherish his fond memories ever since.

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