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About Maharaj Ji

Benign face - almost very good looking and with a swarthy

complexion, Maharaj Ji is a descendent of a very prosperous family of

landlords bearing a lineage to Vashistha Gotra* and hails from the border

between UP and Bihar. The small hamlet of "Verakhadi" where his

Ashram by the name of Hanumant Kunj Parmarth Ashrama is

situated, was almost a sleepy non existent entity and purely due to his

divine presence and his practicinq austerities on the banks of "River

Mahi", a huge ashrama reminiscent ofVedic period has come to being

housing 30 temples with all deities in the company of a huge temple of

Lord Ayodhyanath Ji. Daily agog with thousands of devotees flocking

almost all Hindu festivals and with regularity "yagna" and "havens"

lhrobbing on giving away spiritual vibrations of the highest kind in a

typical rural Indian millieu with gardens, flowers, trees and a lush

greenery making it even a  more memorable place for a visit.

Maharaj Ji is available to anyone throughout the day and his Darshan

and Satsang goes on constantly inspiring thousands of devotees to

ensconce themselves in whatever beliefs or faiths they have,

strengthening their religious roots very deeply.


He is an erudite scholar and his authority on "Ram Charit Manas' is

well acclaimed in addition to his deep studies of Vedic and Scriptural

texts and Puranas and "Prasthantreyi" i.e Gita, Brahma Sutra and

Upanishads. Indeed, it is a great opportunity to meet this great man.


lncidentally, it was forecasted that the revival of Mahisagar Sangam

tirth dham wilI be by a "Vashisthagotraj only.

Shri Shri 1008 Swami Shri Gangeshwaranand Das Ji Maharaj 


Our Ashrams


Hanumant Kunj Parmarth

Ashram , Verakhadi






Located on the banks of Mahi Sagar River , the Hanumant kunj parmarth ashram is spread at an area of 1.5km .It has been mentioned in the three puranas (Hindu Scriptures)  out of 18 puranas as Mahi Sagar Sangam Tirth , Narad Tirth and Gupt Tirth in Skanda Purana , Narada Purana & Mahabharat Purana respectively .The main deity of this Ashram is Shri Ayodhyanath Ji .

Hanumant Kunj Parmarth Ashram , Badrinath , Uttarakhand




There are two major ashrams located on the banks of river Alaknanda , exactly on its curvature which denotes a very auspicious  site .One ashram is for Guru Ji’s devotees and the other ashram is for saints who come to badrinath for their spiritual upliftment.Badrinath is one of the major dhams of the satyug era and is ideal for spiritual enlightenment .

Ayodhya Dham , Haridwar ,Uttarakhand 


Located in one of the most pious cities in India and on the banks of river Ganges ,the ayodhya dham ashram has been inherited by Shri Shri Gangeshwaranand Ji from the lineage of guru shishya parampara of Tyagi Bhaktmal of Vaishnav Sampradaya  .

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